Quotes and Testimonials

I love the snake yoga. It is so gentle and it takes me deep into my meditation. I give thanks to Le’ema for bringing it forth.
– Loraia Ward, Heller work practitioner, Tantric dance teacher

We recommend Snake Yoga in our office. Our patients are benefiting from this life-renewing practice.
– Dr. Marilyn Lindauer, M.Sc., Chiropractor

I find that the yoga postures in Le’ema’s Snake Yoga video assist my already developed yoga practice and add a sensual litheness to my dance. The colorful, aesthetic presentation is quite hypnotic and deepens my focus as I wind my way into the reptilian movements. This new take on yoga has enlivened my body awareness.
– Lisa Alpine. Dance teacher and writer

A very gifted yoga teacher, Le’ema holds the space for the sacred feminine to emerge. A sublime experience.
– Brigitte Essl, European MD and homeopath

Leema’s style of teaching has all of the ingredients of a very skillflul and experienced teacher. She guides you through every movement with grace, wisdom and attention to the body, mind, spirit connection that truly facilitates healing.
– Jyoti Elias, Licensed Acupuncturist

Le’ema Kathleen Graham has found her own unique expression of the ancient Snake Goddess and gives it form in this video… May her work bless and heal many women and men in the world who have as yet not awakened to the Sacred Serpent. Blessed Be!
– Vicki Noble (Co-creator of Motherpeace, author of Shakti Woman and The Double Goddess: Women Sharing Power)

The Serpent in the Spine Meditation did more to boost my immune system in shedding my flu than an entire weekend of prescription meds! Your voice is sooooooo soothing, and I loved the macro-/microcosmic mandala of the serpent Self, spinning chakras and all! Chica, you sold me on this one!! Blessed be!!!
– Anna Urosevich Applegate, M.A., Writer