Special Features & Extras

yoga-dvd-cover-200The Snake Yoga DVD has many special features:

  • Goddess artiste extraordinaire Hrana Janto created 14 pieces of original art depicting the serpent energy in the body activated by these yoga poses. Click here to see some of the images.
  • The 10 minute meditation section features a stunning visualization of the chakras by former Pixar artist Dean Foster. He makes Hrana Janto’s classic Shakti painting
    come to life. View an excerpt.
  • Original ambient fusion soundtrack by Lakshmi Devi and Christopher Krotky plus mystical meditation music by Phyllis Addison.
  • Isolated Music Soundtrack: You’ll enjoy the option to play this beautiful music without narration, both for the yoga practice and the meditation.
  • Subtitled for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • Interview with Le’ema Kathleen Graham on the origins of Snake Yoga.