Welcome to Snake Yoga!

Yoga by the pool

Welcome to our newly revamped website for Snake Yoga. We’ll post news periodically about the Snake Yoga DVD and Snake Yoga classes.

In the fall there was a lot going on behind the scenes. Eric and I traveled to New York City for a publicity conference, and learned a lot about how to promote Snake Yoga and my work in general. It was a lot of fun, and very exhausting.

One evening I was hanging out with my friend Little Man and one of his friends, who happens to be deaf. While discussing my Snake Yoga DVD, the idea came up to add subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. It appealed to me since I’ve worked with deaf people a fair amount over the years, and love to use American Sign Language in some of my dances. Plus, it would make the DVD more “green” and add a special feature to expand the reach of the DVD to a new audience.

This was the perfect time to consider it, since we were preparing to make our next reproduction order. Eric sat down in front of the computer and spent a few hours transcribing the voice-over into Microsoft Word. Then we arranged with Joe Rizzo of Cosmic Circuit to add the text into the DVD as subtitles. It took a long time to tweak it until it really looked good. We wanted everything to be perfect!

We had the DVD’s reproduced by Command Productions in Sausalito, and now have 1000 with subtitles and a higher quality art booklet ready to sell! This year promises to be a breakthrough year for me with Snake Yoga, as I get back into teaching regularly and get more publicity about it (on radio, in magazines, and hopefully even on TV).

Here we go!

Interview on Spiritual Animals talk radio show

Le’ema was the featured guest on the Spiritual Animals talk radio show with Anna Maria Prezio. This half-hour interview explored the spiritual significance of snakes, and the origin of Snake Yoga. Click here to play: